8 Aug – Blog Flash-back

Do you re-read old blog posts? Do your memories of events match what you wrote at the time?

I don’t make it a habit to go back and re-read stuff that I’ve written, unless it’s a creative piece, because everything else just looks like a bunch of crap.
I still feel as though I’m trying to find my feet in terms of writing, and when I struggle with even writing something as simple as a blog post, then it means I still have a long way to go in terms of finding my own voice and writing style – something that is more refined instead of me just blurting out everything that runs through my brain in that moment. I need to give myself a better understanding of phrasing and structure.

Ideally I should be reading more. Just not old blog posts. Some of them leave me scratching my head wondering what the hell was wrong with me because if I were to re-write it, it would be a much better piece. Maybe that’s something that I need to do??

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