Daily Prompt – Think Again

Tell us about a time you made a false assumption about a person or a place — how did they prove you wrong?

It’s very rare that my gut feelings are wrong about people when meeting them for the first time… But it does happen. It’s just a shame I generally hate people and don’t like interacting with them.

Well, generally speaking, anyway. There are a few certain small groups of people that I like and an even smaller number of those that I absolutely love and adore. But you know when you meet somebody and within the first few seconds you already decide whether you like them or not… That’s me.

But that’s also because I already dislike them before even meeting them. Sigh, I can be so bitter and judgemental at times.

But let’s allow us to focus on the topic at hand: yes, there are times when I’ve been proven wrong. But not the way you may be thinking.

This person, let’s call them… John, began to be a regular within a certain social circle of mine. He seemed like a great guy: really popular, quite funny, handsome, entertaining, and generally an all around nice guy. However, then I discovered just how narcissistic he was which was the first clue to just how much I misjudged him…


Now, I’m not meant to know this. And neither of them are aware that I know this, and it’s not my place to tell anybody, but now I want absolutely nothing to do with John, and we are no longer in contact with each other purely for that reason. I think of literally punching him in the throat at the mere mention of his name. As for my friend, well that’s a tricky one. Whilst I’ve maintained my distance, I’ve also discovered he and his bf have been having problems, and on one hand I want to be a good friend and talk to him privately, but at the same time, it’s absolutely none of my business what he does within the boundaries of his relationship.

But then my brain says ‘what if you were in his position?’ And that’s what throws me. Maybe ignorance is bliss? Maybe it’s better he deal with it (or completely ignore it) however he sees fit?! Who am I to interfere in something that doesn’t involve me?

All I know is that my feeling towards these people has completely changed… For the worse.


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