11 Aug – Permanent Erasure

Is there anything you would erase from your mind if you were given the option to forget something completely?

Hmmm, it would be tempting to just erase all the bad memories from my mind so that I only remember positive / happy stuff, but I think that’s just cheating.
It’s through the hard times, the sad times, the illnesses, the money troubles, the breakups, the bullying, the deaths etc that we experience the most pain in out lives, but it’s because of these moments and experiences that we grow and learn and become who we are. You mature and develop coping mechanisms; you notice warning signs and allow yourself to prepare for a potential recurrence in the future – all those factors contribute to who you are as an individual; or a parent; or a partner etc.

If you were to erase all the bad stuff from your memories, and focusing on only the good stuff, don’t you think that you’re denying part of who you are – and quite a decent chunk of who you are?!

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