13 Aug – Forgetfulness

Is there anything good that comes from forgetting?

As I sit here thinking about this prompt, all that comes to mind are the negatives about being forgetful, as somebody who doesn’t have the greatest memory, all I know is that it pisses off Hulk so much, and he makes me feel like shit because I’m forgetful. 

But I’d like to try and focus on the positives of being forgetful. Let’s take a completely different approach to this.

Being forgetful can be great. Well, I’m going to try and convince myself of it at least.

Getting to the shops and not remembering what you’re there for can be great. Forgot the pineapple for your upside-down pineapple cake? Not a problem. Buy a packet mix instead and just add water. Forgotten about making a cake completely? That’s okay, buy some random ingredients and give yourself your own MasterChef Mystery Box challenge, and pretend your a reality tv contestant.

Got to the train station and forgotten when you’re going? Doesn’t matter. Jump on any train and see where it takes you. Enjoy the journey. Get off at a random station and go have a coffee… take some photos, go exploring.

Forgotten how to get home, again, that’s not a problem at all. Just hand over your ID to somebody and they’ll help you organise a taxi, or at least point you back towards the train station. Then at least you’ve had a day filled with adventure, and how could anybody not enjoy an adventure?!

Can’t remember where your keys are? Get ready boys and girls, it’s everybody’s favourite game… HIDE AND SEEK!!

Walked into a room forgetting why you’re there? Turn it into a game of Theatresports, and only respond to people with questions – see if they can work out what you’re doing there!

Being handy also comes in handy if you have a lot of bad memories, upsetting / traumatic experiences etc that you wish you could just forget. *PRESTO* it’s all gone, and no longer there in your brain to bring you down, make you sad and depressed. Almost like none of it ever happened. From here on in, it’s just sunshine and puppies and rainbows!

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