15 Aug – Time Heals All Wounds

Do you think that time heals all wounds? Why or why not?

Too subjective. Depends on the wound. Depends on the person.
Personally, I wish it were that simple, but I’m too busy holding grudges and adding people to my shit-list (those whom I would take great delight in their total and utter downfall). However, that list isn’t as long as people would perceive it to be, there’s really only a handful of key people on there.

I would love for time to be able to heal my wounds, but when the wounds are so deep and so scarring, how can you just ignore that and let it go? I know that it’s unhealthy to hold on to the past, but those permanent scars are what test us and make us who we are – whether it results in us being stronger or weaker, depending on how we handle the issue.

For me personally, no, time certainly doesn’t heal old wounds because I just can’t seem to let go. I want to be able to, and in some cases I’ve really tried to, but there’s just something inside me, inside my crazy random brain that just won’t let it happen. It’s kind of like a progress bar… I’ll try my hardest to let go, and get to about 95%, and then there’s still that last 5% remaining and my brain goes HA! HA! JUST KIDDING!! YOU’RE NOT FORGETTING ANYTHING!! EVER!! and I’m like SHUT UP BRAIN!!

And of course there are some wounds that are just so deep, they simply never heal. They might get filled with scar-tissue, but they’re always there.

4 thoughts on “15 Aug – Time Heals All Wounds

  1. While I can certainly relate to every word in this post, those of us that carry these scars from the deepest wounds…we are the strongest people out there! Hold your head high & keep on movin’ 🙂

    • I completely agree. Even the concept of chin up and keep moving can sometimes seem almost impossible, and the thought of just giving up seems so much easier, but like you said, it makes us stronger.

  2. Time doesn’t heal wounds, it only serves us with new memories which make the old painful ones seem “far away”. So I guess that in a sense time acts as a “buffer”, firstly because you only feel that sharp ache when you THINK about the painful memory (time having given you other things to think about in the meanwhile – remember how RIGHT after the painful thing happened you couldn’t STOP thinking about it, well “time” passed and now you think about it less… Still hurts though).

    Secondly, when something is painful to recall we often bury it deep within ourselves, we protect ourselves from it. And you will find that as time passes, little things that used to hurt you are now insignificant (compared to the pain you felt associated with the memory you’ve buried). So in a sense it feels as though “time has healed” but actually you’ve just grown as a person and learned lessons from the bad experiences you’ve had.

    So yes, I agree with you on the fact that time doesn’t necessarily HEAL, it just makes you wiser.

    • oh my yes! SO. MUCH. WISER!! Eventually you get to a point where you recognise the warning signs much earlier, in order for you to either change the situation or remove yourself from the situation altogether.

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