20 Aug – Staying on Track

What is the single best thing you do to keep your career goals on track?

…what’s a career goal??

Just kidding, I don’t  have any career goals.

Whilst I do work full-time and and grateful to be doing so, it’s rather disheartening that my role is one that has no progression path, nor one that will ever be fully supported by management.

The problem is that we have a handful of people on staff who are, for lack of a better word, completely hopeless. There are people in roles who most certainly shouldn’t actually be in those roles. There are people in roles taking on extra tasks that they simply don’t want to be doing, and then there is somebody like myself who actually wants to make something of their role; create a role that I can really take ownership of, and I’m always turned down.

Recently, some decisions were made in regards to one of our work aspects for next year, and it brings with it so much potential. The only difference is that I actually want to put my hand up to take on the responsibility, however, as history has taught me, I’ll be overlooked, and the responsibility will go to either somebody who doesn’t actually understand it, or somebody who doesn’t have the capacity to take it on, or somebody who actually doesn’t even want it in the first place.

I just want to be given autonomy and ownership of what I do, without having to run everything by half-a-dozen different people. It makes having to front up there day-in, day-out almost unbearable, let alone having to deal with being micro-managed by the one person with questionable mental stability.


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