Daily Prompt – Tunnel Vision

You’ve been given the ability to build a magical tunnel that will quickly and secretly connect your home with the location of your choice — anywhere on Earth. Where’s the other end of your tunnel?

Honestly, I’d just be happy to have a tunnel that went anywhere, other than here. Actually, no, that’s not entirely true… I’d be happy if it just went to the beach. Or the country.

It’s something that reminds me of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, except without the snow and Mr Tumnus,

I would love nothing more than to be able to just crawl into a tunnel and end up somewhere coastal. Preferably a beach with sparkling white sand, a decent swell and crystal blue waters… oh, and lots of sunshine. Who wants to be at the beach when it’s raining?

I’d love to be able to just retreat and forget about everything else in life and disappear to the beach for a few days at a time – take some time out just for me, where the rest of the world simply doesn’t exist.

The only alternative to being at the beach, would be to move that tunnel inland and end up in the country. The fresh air, the stillness, the silence. Being surrounded by trees and serenity. It would be absolute heaven, but again, something that I would only want to be enjoying on my own. I’d want my secret tunnel to be just that – secret. I wouldn’t want to be sharing it with anybody I know – not my partner, not my friends. I want something to just be for me.

My own little private piece of the earth.

No annoyances.

No distractions.

Just peace.



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