25 Aug – Doomed to Repeat

Do you really think we’re doomed to repeat mistakes if we don’t remember them?

I think that people need to be determined to want to change and be conscious about their behaviours if they truly want to be able to change.
Sometimes, whilst it might sound easy or reassuring for a person to say they have learnt from their mistakes, or they’ll never make them again, I think they’re just kidding themselves.

But I guess it depends on what that mistake happens to be. If it’s something as trivial as putting my nylon sports socks in the dryer when they’re not supposed to – then that’s a lesson Hulk continues to make over and over again, despite me pointing it out every. single. time.

Or maybe it’s an unconscious decision to take the Westgate Freeway during peak hour, when you know very well that it’s going to be a total carpark. And every time you say you won’t go that way because it’s a nightmare and it drives you crazy, you only realise after you’ve taken the on-ramp towards stand-still traffic.

Or perhaps you continue to get involved with the wrong people – for whatever reason ie charm, sex, money, status etc you continue to involve yourself with these people who screw you over and leave a trail of pain and destruction, or perhaps even debt, in their wake.

We all have these kind of habits, and maybe it’s something that we have to experience once in order for us to learn and grow and change our habits, or maybe it’s something we keep telling ourselves we need to change after the fifteenth / twentieth / fiftieth time it happens.

To correct the behaviour, you have to be completely aware of what the behaviour is, and why you keep repeating it. Why do you keep taking the Westgate? Is it because you’re lazy? Or because you’re scared of going a different route and getting lost? Maybe you don’t like change?
Get yourself a GPS and tell yourself that everyday you’ll take a different route instead.
Why do you keep falling for the person who is going to just hurt you? Is it because you have unresolved trust issues? Or maybe you keep going for bad-boys because you have ‘daddy issues’?! Perhaps just don’t get romantically involved with anybody for a couple of months instead?

You need to be aware of the reasons why you make the choices that you do. This may even go to the extent of having therapy to try and understand some of your behaviours. And it’s not a bad thing – you just need to be committed to that level of self-discovery and understanding… And that only comes with being truly honest with yourself.


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