28 Aug – Key To Happiness

Do you think the key to happiness is being able to forget?

Not in the slightest. I think that not being able to have memories is quite detrimental to happiness. Show me somebody with Alzheimers who can honestly say they are truly happy…!!

I’ll admit that being able to completely forget some of my own personal memories would quite possibly make me happy. Certainly, at the time if I was able to just magically forget them, then it would have definitely made me happier – it would have saved me from countless tears and uncontrollable and unpredictable fits of crying and sadness. It would save me from the pain of having images or experiences burnt into my mind, clear as day, and I wouldn’t be tormented by it every hour of the day, or when I close my eyes at night.

It would quite potentially completely change the person that I am today.

If I were able to forget all the negative shit in my life, I truly believe that my entire persona would be completely different… if anything, I’d probably become one of those happy, bubbly people who’s always sharing those inspirational quotes on their FB newsfeeds – and pissing everybody off. Essentially, I’m pretty sure I’d be the type of person that I currently loathe.

But whilst it’s a great concept for forgetting all the negatives… what about all the positives as well. What if it also meant forgetting all the fun times you’ve had in your life? The nights out with friends, the birthdays, the Christmas’, the road trips and the holidays? The significant and definitive moments in a life… if you could no longer remember all of those, would you still think that you’d be happy?

But I guess, how can you be miserable when you’ve forgotten something? It would then, in theory, have never existed, because you wouldn’t remember it ever happening… so I guess you wouldn’t be sad, because technically there wouldn’t be anything to get sad about?


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