Daily Prompt – August Blues

As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?

For us here in ‘Straya, the end of August is just that, the end of another month. Oh and the end of winter!

However in saying that, it’s the first week of spring, and it’s still 3degrees in the morning, although that’s actually kind of typical for us down here in Melbourne.

Our summer is from Dec – Feb and it can be the best and the worst season of the year. Whilst it’s great to be finally having some warm weather and the opportunity to finally get out and enjoy the sunshine, we also tend to have scorching summer temperatures ranging from the high-30’s through to low-to-mid-40’s.

Summer means singlets and shorts. Its going to the pool. It’s salad dinners. It’s sunbaking. It’s long hot nights. It’s going to the beach. It’s air conditioning. It’s Slurpee’s and frozen Coke from McDonalds. Its sunscreen. It’s BBQ’s on the balcony with friends. It’s sunburn.

As a kid, summer also meant 2 main things: Christmas and (generally) 6 weeks of school holidays. It’s the longest stretch of time we get here for school holidays, and was the part of the time that everybody looked forward to the most, well, other than Easter for all the chocolate.

Going back to school at the beginning of the year was always interesting. A new school year, new responsibilities. New students. New expectations and pressures. For me, I always felt nervous, especially on that first day. Brand new school uniform, and new exercise books. In high school it meant a brand new timetable and spending that first week getting confused and lost and being late to multiple classes and realising very quickly that I was going to be stuck with a teacher(s) that I dislike for the next six months, so I knew I really had to do my best to work hard and be a good student so that they would at least like me. That way it would be somewhat bearable. If they didn’t like me just as I disliked them… It was a recipe destined for disaster.

As summer draws to an end, it’s actually somewhat depressing. It also means daylight-savings is soon to come to an end, and all the warmer clothes have to come back into the wardrobe. You start drinking hot drinks more like tea / coffee. Your salad dinners turn into hot dishes like roasts and grilled meats and pastas and soups and then the leaves are turning brown and the trees become naked and the sunlight gets shorter and it gets cold and darker and that fun life as you knew it is suddenly over.


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