29 Aug – August Memories

Tell us one memorable moment from August.

One memorable moment from August…

Commencing Operation Decorator Storm on our living room – changing everything from couch covers to cushions all the way through to loose-leaf tea tins.

In the space of two weeks, we purchased and dyed several chair covers – although the green ones didn’t work very well at all, and will need to be re-dyed. The couch covers worked quite well.

August became the month of YELLOW. Couch cover, cushions, placemats… lots of yellow.

August was the month my role at work also changed slightly and I ended up with my own desk away from reception so that I could focus on my work… and type catch-up blog posts like this during my lunch break hehehe. I got to spend money to buy items so that I could set up my desk more efficiently and ergonomically and enjoy having so much extra space to utilise.

August was the month I saw Lady Gaga TWICE in one weekend and loved every minute of it.


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