1 Sept – Talk It Out

Do you find it more helpful to talk things out or to let things quietly rest?

This is one of those things in life where I find myself quite conflicted. Generally speaking, I have nothing in place to stop me from flying into a white-hot rage, but at the same time I’m so terrified of confrontation.

I thoroughly support the notion of talking things out and putting problems to bed, especially if you really want to maintain a friendship, personal / professional relationship. I just wish that I was more able to take my own advice and confront things head on when they happen.

For me, generally I just flip out with rage, say nothing, and then let the problems race around in my head festering and bubbling away making me more and more full of rage to the point where I can’t even concentrate properly.

There have been moments where there’s been an issue between somebody and myself and rather than dealing with it, we go our separate ways and it becomes something unresolved. But we then have a little bit if time apart and when we come back together, it’s as though nothing bad ever happened, although with me, it’s always in the back of mind, even though I’m trying my hardest not to acknowledge those thoughts whatsoever.

I really wish I was more assertive in my life. I have my moments and can tear somebody to shreds if needbe… But then at other times I completely avoid it and retreat into my shell like a snail. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever become that kind of person who addresses things head on… Time will tell, I guess.

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