Daily Prompt – Nightmare Job

In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

Well, one should never say never, because you’ll probably just jinx yourself. I never imagined that I’d be working in the sort of role I’m currently in… And I’ve been there for 10years so far.

But it’s interesting and depressing at the same time – I’m in a role that I’ve really started to be able to take ownership of and work autonomously in, however I’m still surrounded by idiots and constantly wanting to change and expand the role, but keep getting told ‘no’.

If I weren’t doing this, I’m really unsure as to what role I would be doing. Even if I wanted to change careers, I would struggle to because I have no formal qualifications to fall back on that would provide me with an entry into another ‘career’.

I do know that I would NEVER be a cleaner. Just simple things like vacuuming the carpet at home gives me an incredibly sore back.

I could NEVER work in retail, because I’d end up yelling at all the other incompetent fuckwits that work with me. And I’d probably be fired on my first or second day for having a go at customers for their incompetence as well. They may think that the customer is always right… But I don’t.

I could NEVER work in an abattoir or a butchery. The sight and smell of animal carcass and having to cut them up… No. Just no.

I could never work with children. In any capacity. Children are the worst!

I just need something where I have a desk and can listen to music and be left to just do my work without being constantly interrupted. Is that so much to ask??


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