8 Sept – Time To Heal

Do you give yourself time to heal, or do you keep making yourself move forward?

If I were to allow myself to really heal from all the shit that has messed me up so much, I’d need at least 6-12months of not working, a fuck load of therapy and a lot of alternate therapy like yoga and meditation, along with a lot of writing!

Our lives have become so busy and fast-paced; we’re constantly thinking about what’s waiting for us at work tomorrow, or spending our evenings working overtime in order just to catch up on what we didn’t finish today; plus we have family commitments, grocery shopping, taking care of children, load after load of washing, school drop offs and pick ups, weekend sports, gym workouts, traffic and transport every single day, dinners with friends, drinks with colleagues from work, dry cleaning to organise, broken things like doors, windows and fences to fix; and yet, at some point, we’re also supposed to find some down time to have a break; a rest; some ‘me’ time and even that can be a rarity – a chance to sleep in; a lazy Sunday morning brunch; or even just finding an hour of down time to enjoy a cuppa and read the paper or catch up on a missed tv episode.

When our lives are so hectic and chaotic for at least 18hrs each day, how are we expected to be able to find time to ‘deal’ with issues and heal from those experiences? I can appreciate that everybody deals with things in their own way; whatever works for them, but regardless it requires time – something that we’re generally not too fortunate enough to have. For some that might be great. Keeping busy and constantly moving forward and being distracted by a busy lifestyle might be a great way to deal with something – by completely ignoring it.

For me, that doesn’t work – it just leaves the issue in the back of my mind, gnawing away away at my subconscious every. single. day. and it drives me nuts. For me, I need to have the time and the appropriate space to be able to acknowledge the issue; all the hurt and pain it’s caused, and then go through my own process of dealing with it and putting those issues to bed.

What’s your coping mechanism??


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