10 Sept – Disppointment

Tell us the methods you use to get through a disappointment.

Disappointment for me can create an emotional reaction from meh through to full on rage and hissy-fit-slash-sulking about it.

Many, many, years ago, I formed an outlook on life that the only person I can truly rely on is myself and that everybody else around will inevitably let you down one way or the other. I dropped all my expectations of pretty much everything, so that way, if it didn’t meet those expectations, then it wasn’t such a big loss. And if it exceeded those expectations, then I’d end up raving about it like it was the best thing since sliced bread.

People label it pessimistic or negative, but for me, I consider myself as a realist. I refuse to live in a world viewed through rose-coloured glasses, where everything is all sunshine and puppies and rainbows. Life isn’t like that, and for those who choose to live their lives like that, good for you, but you’re just kidding yourself.

However, I wonder if I’ve become like this because I’ve had a life full of disappointment?? Perhaps it’s just become second-nature to me, so I just automatically expect it in anything I do. God knows I experience it constantly at work. But I guess that shouldn’t really surprise me, there are a number of morons in that office who barely seem capable of finding their way out of a paper bag. So in that sort of environment, whilst I may have a plethora of ideas and suggestions, I’ve realised that they simply fall on deaf ears and those people would prefer to do things the complicated or more elaborate way, instead of simplifying things.

So for me, disappointment is almost a daily occurrence. The only way I deal with it is complaining and venting to my partner, and hating life because their stupidity continues to amaze me, even when I think it can’t possibly become any worse… it does.

Now I just stop caring. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the many reasons why I say I’m dead inside.


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