12 Sept – Grief

Have you ever been scared to let go of your grief?


Grief can manifest itself in a multitude of ways, and everybody deals with grief differently. I’ve had my fair share of unpleasant experiences in life, but nothing that I would consider as grief.

Although, I suppose that the most significant one would be the fall out with my father, and whilst the initial reaction was one of disbelief and pure shock… Followed by rage, and a scream that would be comparable to this.

But then after some much needed counselling over the phone from my mother, I’m actually quite surprised at just how okay I was afterwards. I think because it gave me a giant push towards something that had been in the back of my mind for a number of years… And I haven’t looked back. And I’m happy for it.

So whilst I’ve let my ‘grief’ of that incident go, it’s something that I will never forget. It’s not something that you can ever forget.


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