Daily Prompt – Soulful Machines

Machines, appliances, and gadgets sometimes feel like they have their own personalities — from quirky cars to dignified food processors. What’s the most “human” machine you own?

I would love it if my appliances had actual personalities, but I think we’re a few years away from that.

Perhaps the most notable would be our washing machine. We’ve had her for a few years now, but despite the fact that she’s kept in hallway laundry cupboard, she still sings a little song every time she finishes a load of washing.

There’s the microwave we recently bought – admittedly, we didn’t actually need a new microwave, I just decided to buy a new one to add to our Breville collection of appliances. But it’s quite intelligent in that it has a myriad of pre-programmed settings including things like melting butter, and melting chocolate which may seem insignificant to others, but to somebody like me who enjoys baking, it’s one of those small gestures that say ‘here, let me help you with that… I promise I won’t ruin it!’

But my absolute favourite is my blender. It’s called The Boss and it’s made by Breville. It’s expensive, and it does everything our previous blender did… Just a hundred times better (and it doesn’t leak). And because it’s a high-velocity machine, it has the power to even mill flour and ground spices, and then after all of that, it has an auto clean function, negating any need to go into the dishwasher.

But I must say I’m looking forward to the new iOS, Mac OS X, iPhone and Apple Watch so everything can connect and communicate and integrate seamlessly.


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