18 Sept – Comfort Food

Tell us about your comfort foods.


I bet you’re all expecting me to say cake, right? Wrong. Truth be told my ultimate comfort foods would be a pot of tea and copious amounts of toast.

Omfg how much do I love toast! When I was a teenager, I’d go through half a loaf of bread as toast, and smoother it with butter and / or jam. Ahhh, back in the days when I used to eat white bread. Now it’s all multigrain or wholemeal…. Unless it’s one of those rare occasions where we get a tiger loaf from the local bakery… then it mysteriously disappears… into my belly.

The most event discovery is a new comfort food – organic crunchy peanut butter, there’s something so incredibly yummy about it, and I often find myself standing in the kitchen with a table spoon in one hand and the jar in the other… and peanut butter all over my lips. It might also explain the event weight gain I’ve had…

…probably doesn’t help when I combine it with my other favourite comfort food – ice cream. Yes, I know, peanut butter and ice cream is a bit of a weird combo, but it’s actually pretty good… The saltiness of the peanut butter and the sweetness of the ice cream is a weird match in heaven.

…Or maybe I’m pregnant…?!?!

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