Daily Prompt – Autumn Leaves

Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?

Here in ‘Straya (mate!) we’re moving into spring, and the weather is currently a bit of a mess. Hot. Sunny. Cold. Windy. Sunny. Hailing. All in a day. Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad, but it has it’s moments.

In terms of autumn, there’s something comforting about the changing of the season. Yes, it’s a bit depressing to see the trees start to lose their leaves, and when daylight savings ends and the nights get darker earlier, and it starts getting colder later in the arvo – it all means that summer is over and it’s time to pull out the winter clothes.

If you’re single, then you’re also on the hunt for a mate to cuddle up to on those cold nights… And all that hard work and effort you put into those months of getting your body ‘summer ready’ are now over, and it’s time to eat all of those feelings. Or, even more feelings if you’re single and don’t succeed in finding a mate to hibernate with.

Meanwhile… Pumpkin spice lattes??? Clearly an ‘American’ drink.

I actually like the change to Autumn, purely for the changing colour of the leaves and the streets of trees completely barren of any foliage. It’s amplified even more if I get a whiff of the smoke from a wood fire wafting along on the breeze. There’s something about it that just makes me want to be at home, curled up on the couch, with a giant cup of tea.


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