22 Sept – A Good Cry

Tell us about the best movie to bring on a cleansing cry.

I’m a bit of a sook, so if I get emotionally invested into any type of movie that’s remotely sad, then I sometimes turn into a blubbering mess. There are a couple of films that stand out to me… First and foremost, Bully.

For those of you who haven’t heard about it, and are too lazy to actually click the link,  Bully is a documentary focused around schoolyard bullying amongst a select group of children in America. I cannot watch this without crying. It is one of the most direct doco’s I’ve ever watched. The culture in which these kids are raised is so completely fucked. It truly was a groundbreaking film, so much so, that parents were encouraged to go and take their children to see it to educate them on bullying and how much it can destroy somebody… but it ended up being rated ‘R’ due to the coarse language in it, so parents couldn’t take their kids to it. Schools suggested that parents and teachers should watch it, but it was then re-edited and released as a PG-13 film. Here in Australia, it was initially banned from distribution amongst cinemas, but then due to it’s re-edited version in the US, it was distributed here with an M-rating. It’s a really powerful film. It’s a really heartbreaking film. It’s a really disturbing film. If you’re a victim of bullying, you should watch this film. If you’re a parent, you should watch this film. If you know of kids who are being bullied, you should watch this film. The more education there is about bullying, the more that can be done to address this problem.   Then of course, how could I pass up Les Mis! It was actually an incredible film adaptation (i thought, anyway), and I walked into the cinema knowing that I was going to bawl my eyes out. And I did. Unfortunately, you do have to endure with Russell Crowe’s truly appalling singing. I can’t stand Crowe at the best of times, and yes, that does also include Gladiator. You can save your boo’s and hisses, I’ve heard them all before. Fun fact: all the singing in the movie was done live. It wasn’t pre-recorded in a studio and then mimed on set, the actors had small ear pieces with only a piano accompaniment and it was all recorded live on set.   Strangely enough, the other one that really sticks out in my mind is P.S. I Love You. I honestly wasn’t really too interested in seeing this movie, but, well, Gerard Butler. Mmmmhmmmm!! Turns out it’s actually a really beautiful and moving story. Well, it is if you allow your emotions to get completely immersed into the story. If you haven’t seen it yet, then next time you’re looking at getting a chick-flick, make sure you grab a copy of this… as well as a giant tub of ice cream and a box of tissues. Honorable mentions also go to: First Position. This is a film that focuses on a handful of kids who are training to compete at the Youth America Grand Prix ballet competition. For me, dancing is a passion that is in my blood. It’s part of my DNA. Whilst I never got into ballet until a teenager, I completely understand and sympathise with the training, passion and dedication these children put into their talent.  There is something remarkable and admirable about the work that goes into an artform such as dance – it’s something to be respected.   The other film is Milk. In today’s society, the primary focus is on marriage equality. In some places being gay is still considered illegal. Harvey Milk was a true pioneer in campaigning for equality for the homosexual community. It’s a beautiful film, and Sean Penn won the Academy Award for Best Actor for this film – and rightfully so. Highly recommend watching this.

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