23 Sept – Mixtape

If you had to make a mixtape of sad songs for someone, what would you include?

This is actaully quite simple because I have a series of playlists in iTunes for different emotional states.

For example, if I’m feeling in a pretty good mood, and just want some good songs to bop away to, I’ve got my ‘Bouncin” playlist to fill me with happiness. Then there’s ‘R & B’ for when I wanna chill, ‘Angry’ for when I’m full of rage, and one called ‘Walk, Bitch!’ for when I’m out walking around.

Then there’s one called ‘Ballads’ which is something when I’m feeling quite sad and melancholic. There are so many songs in that playlist that I have a special connection with, but for the purposes of this prompt, I’ll give you my selection:

It was actually somewhat emotional creating this list, and then watching the videos to link them for you all to watch. Sitting here with wetness in my eyes. So emotion. Very cry.

Also, if you’re even struggling to find music, the safest bet is to pretty much just take anything that has ever been in Grey’s Anatomy – a great list of songs from the series (up to season 6) can be found HERE.



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