26 Sept – Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

Is laughter really the best medicine?



There is something to be said for the effect that laughter has on our health and wellbeing. And let’s face it, we’ve all experienced the effect that it can have on us, especially during those moments when we’re not particularly feeling so great.

Even if we’re at a point where we’re telling ourselves that we’re not really feeling like a chuckle, it’s a well known fact that laughter produces endorphins, which are a happy hormones. The same can also be said for exercise.

And if you’re finding yourself having the kind of laugh that makes everything hurt, congratulations, you’ve just achieved an abdominal workout without having to even go to the gym!

Perhaps the next time you’re feeling a bit blue, do yourself a favour and watch something funny whether it’s some stand-up comedy, or perhaps a tv show or movie. You’ll be glad that you did.

2 thoughts on “26 Sept – Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

  1. True. And it is horrible and sad with you meet someone who never laughs..even worse…someone who doesnt laugh at himself…sad very sad…I find something to laugh at every day. if I dont feel happy, I can feel a little bit ironic with myself..

    • Actually I think the worst thing is somebody who either doesn’t have a sense of humour, or simply doesn’t understand your sense of humour. People are just far too serious, and life is just far too short. You should be able to laugh every single day.

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