29 Sept – Anger Management

How do you get through anger?

You mean after I imagine shooting lasers out of my eyeballs and going on a murderous rampage??

I manage my anger quite in effectively, if I’m being truly honest with myself. Being a Scorpio is probably bad enough just on its own, because I’m the type to hold grudges, so that already is more than enough.

Add to this my almost completely non-existent short fuse, and then combine that with my severe lack of patience for pretty much anything and you have one extremely volatile person.

I’d like to say that I’m not like this 24/7, but then I’d almost be lying. However, my partner is always telling me to stop letting every tiny thing affect me so much, but I just can’t let it go. I simply can’t. Even at work, I spend most of the day dealing with fucktards, completely baffled as to how they manage to make it through the day because they come across as being so utterly and hopelessly stupid.

Doesn’t really help when you have no tolerance for stupid people…

I can already see myself as being one of those crazy old cat ladies who never leaves the house.

Even things like reality TV set me off, but it does the same thing to my partner as well, and we’ll find ourselves both yelling at the tv.

Most of the time when I get to that point I usually either just need to be alone and listen to some music and calm down, or simply go to sleep. Sometimes writing a rant helps me to get it off my chest, or venting about it to friends / coworkers helps as well, but other than that, music and sleep are my fixes. Isolation also works wonders.

I’ve tried meditation, but I can’t do it. I’ve done my fair share of yoga and BODYBALANCE classes to try and open my mind completely to a meditation and let everything go, but I can’t shut my brain off for long enough. It’s constantly going and constantly full of thoughts and just doesn’t seem to ever shut up.

I guess if I could learn how to do that first then I’d probably have a much better chance of actually trying to deal with all my anger and rage and frustration.

Anybody have any suggestions for an effective way to quieten the mind, leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “29 Sept – Anger Management

  1. Yup.. For sure. My phone is about to die and I’m about to fall asleep but I’d be happy to be useful to you. Check out my webpage , link should be on my blog & give me a call and I’d be happy to make some suggestions. Not trying to solicit myself. Just heard you reaching out. I always enjoy working with anger. 🙂

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