Daily Prompt – Make It Count

You’ve been given the opportunity to send one message to one person you wouldn’t normally have access to (for example: the President. Kim Kardashian. A coffee grower in Ethiopia). Who’s the person you choose, and what’s the message?

So basically, you’re saying I’ve just installed Twitter…??

That’s really the only reason people get a Twitter account – is so that they can tweet ‘celebrities’ and then completely fan-girl out if they actually reply.

I don’t really know who I’d be interested in sending a message to… is there much point? Is this a message that they’re going to personally respond to, or act upon? For example, if I send a message to, say our countrie’s Prime Minister with a recommendation to implement marriage equality into our country, or invest a billion dollars into renewable / green energy sources ie., wind farms, solar farms etc, will it actually happen?

If not, what’s the point?

If I message Kanye West and ask him to stop being such an arrogant wanker, will he actually stop being such a smudge on society?

Or maybe I could message the U.N. and propose that all nations governed by the U.N. need to provide a certain dollar-amount of either money or aid (ie., food, shelter, clean water etc) to third world nations to help end poverty.

What if I message key political leaders and ask them to instead of recklessly bombing all these middle eastern countries, killing countless innocent people, that they overthrow the governments there, and start fresh, with new leadership, and ending all this war and turmoil as it will all be better in the long run.

If that’s not going to be the reality of messaging anybody ‘important’ then what’s the point? I’d much rather just message my mum instead and tell that I love her, and I miss her and look forward to seeing her again.


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