Daily Prompt – No Excess

“Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber

Do you agree with this statement on excess?

You know, if you added a ‘Darling’ at the end and changed the Ferber to Mode, you’d get this woman:

Edna Mode would never do anything to excess – although to you and I some of her decisions could be considered excessive, but to her, everything is just fabulous.

I would probably tend to agree with the statement, and I equate it two completely different aspects: Cake and Exercise.

Think about the cake. Yes, too much cake can be a bad thing – so much fat and sugar all combined into something completely delectable and mouth watering. It might even be the most amazing thing you’ve ever tasted, and you might even find yourself wanting to eat it every day for the rest of your life… but if you did, then it would be detrimental to your health and well-being.

But if you never had cake, well, then you’re life is just… sad. I couldn’t possibly imagine a life without cake in it. What would you do for celebrating birthdays? Or weddings etc. I can imagine it now, a group of six-year olds standing around singing Happy Birthday whilst one of the parents wheels out a trolley full of yummy and nutritious bran muffins… with their own individual candle.

Or then there’s exercise. If you have too much exercise, then it can actually lead to deterioration of the body’s muscles, because they’re not been given adequate opportunity to rest, repair and recover. Yes, it’s great whenever anybody does any kind of exercise, as long as their moving and doing something, it’s going to be of some benefit, but like cake, it’s all needed in moderation.

On the flip side, no exercise has even more severe health risks and can lead to so many issues. By not exercising, you can be doing so much harm to your body that can take years to undo and recover from, and it can all be prevented.

So after you’ve finished eating that cake, get your fat ass off the couch and go for a fucking run! Or do a group exercise class. Or go for a swim. And drink plenty of water!



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