30 Sept – Undivided Attention

Make a commitment to give yourself an hour of undivided self-attention this week, and tell us how you’re going to use that time.

I’ve actually been doing this quite regularly… And no, not like that! Get your mind out of the gutter, people.

For the past month or so, I’ve been working my arse off at the gym as part of my rehab program for my knee injury.

Every single day after work, I’ll make my way to the gym and spend a good 20-30mins on a foam roller rolling out my legs thoroughly, then using my spiky ball, I use a small ledge to elevate my leg and roll out my calves on the spiky ball. After that, I’ll go do some stretching and balance work, then I go and hit some weights – leg press, leg extension and leg abduction on a cable machine.

I’ve been working with my knee specialist who gave me the exercises and the limited range of motion for each of the three weight-bearing exercises, and my physio who has given me the actual weight selection for each exercise.

It’s been great in that I’ve surprised myself purely in the amount of weight that I’m able to push – turns out I’m a lot more powerful in my legs than I actually thought I was, but predominantly because I’m noticing the pain is getting less and less and my knee is feeling a little bit better every day.

It’s working, but the progress is minor. But hey, it’s better than nothing at all and constant pain.

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