13 Oct – Crunch Time

Do you work well under pressure when it’s crunch time?


Generally speaking, if I’m left alone, I usually power through whatever it is I need to get done… If people feel compelled to continue interrupting me whilst I’m ‘in the zone’ they shouldn’t be surprised when I completely flip out at them.

Take yesterday as a classic example, I managed to get an entire days (if not more) worth of work done in the space of 45minutes. Granted, most of it was done after work, which is feat because the phones were finally off and everybody had gone home.

It may or may not have involved not-quite-yelling at a couple of people, but my message got through and I was left alone. Hint: if I tell you I’ll get to it today, then that’s what I mean. Don’t think for second that means I’m going to completely drop everything for it – that’s not how it works.

But it all got done and I felt pretty damn good. I even had to completely re-write a database report from scratch and then test it every time I changed one of the parameters – now I have a report that’s even more precise than its predecessor, which means nothing to you, but I felt pretty fucking awesome afterwards. 😎

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