16 Oct – Hayride

Tell us about your ideal hayride. What would you bring? Who would be there?

My ideal hayride would be with be with just a good group of friends.

I’m not entirely sure how long this hayride is meant to last, but it’d be a nice relaxing way to spend some time – great company, good conversation, and just enjoying the scenery as we roll along.

I’d probably bring something like a cheese platter… Although I’d be cautious about a cheese knife on a bumpy hayride… Some nice assorted crackers, some beautiful Brie / Camembert, some sultanas (seriously, Brie and sultanas is awesome on a cracker!) and perhaps something like a capsicum cheese or a cracked pepper cheese for a bit of variety. And a meat platter would be good too – some sliced meats, salami, kabana, OOH and some smoked salmon. Yum yum!

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