20 Oct – Everything Changes

Autumn reminds us that everything changes. What do you wish you could change in your life right now?

I really wish I could change my bank account balance.

I wish I hadn’t been forced to use my savings the past few months, its been so depressing watching it get smaller and smaller, and it’s even more depressing knowing just how much longer it’s going to take to build it back up again.

I think that if I was still financially comfortable, I’d be in a position to start changing some certain aspects in my life, and I’d be using that money to start investing in me. Whether it’s paying for some kind of further education or training, or travel, or whatever, I’d be making sure that I enjoyed it – but without all the frivolous and unnecessary spending.

I’d just love to be able to afford to fly up to Queensland to see my family for a few days. Just hang out, eating and talking and having some special mother-son time where we just talk about anything an everything. I miss that quite a lot.

I’d love to be able to just take a few weeks off from work and focus solely on writing. Travel somewhere nice just by myself, (Sorry, Hulk!) and just allow myself the time and space to really get into a creative headspace and focus purely on writing.


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