21 Oct – Orange

Orange is a colour that people either hate or love: tell us how you feel about it.

For me Orange isn’t necessarily a colour that I have in my wardrobe, however, I do quite like the colour.

I love orange; it’s one of those colours that is used to be quite ‘energising’ and uplifting. I feel quite good when I’m around orange, well, providing it’s the right shade. I respond a lot more positively to much brighter, vibrant, bolder shades of orange.

We recently went through a phase of changing the colour scheme in our loungeroom. We changed our couch covers to a semi-dark grey, as well as a yellow, and then went perhaps a bit too crazy buying an assortment of cushions in all different complimentary colours, including teal and orange – it’s all about the colour palette, dahhhlings.

Granted, all those brand new cushions completely cover the other couch, because we only sit on one of them, and those who have been to our house know that those fancy cushions are only for looking at, and not touching… but let’s be clear, that was most definitely not MY decision. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to have cushions, then you have to expect people to sit on and lean upon them. Otherwise, what’s the point?

All I want now to complete collection is a couple of grey/yellow and grey/orange throw rugs… but seeing as how we’re currently in Spring, I’ll have to wait until next Autum to see whether or not those colours are still on trend.

Maybe I should consider some orange ornaments?

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