29 Oct – Up, Up and Away

Well, lovelies, I’m bringing this post to you from 37,000 feet up in the air, aboard Flight EK406 from Melbourne to Auckland, on board the Emirates A380.

My first trip on an A380, and I must say, I’m not really that impressed. Granted, compared to the other aircraft and airlines I’ve flown whenever I’ve travelled to Auckland, this is perhaps the best experience.

I was always fascinated by the Airbus A380, ever since it was announced, and the first one came off the production line – this plane is freaking MASSIVE, and it’s got (very buggy and very slow) wifi, so I guess that’s better than nothing at all. It means that I’m still able to check emails and utilise this time to catch up with my ever-increasing backlog of catch-up posts. I can see that these next few weeks are going to be even more of a struggle trying to write. eek.

We checked in, and got a trainee (…awesome), who was still learning the ropes, but both her and her supervisor were quite friendly and helpful… well, until they made a joke about our bags not arriving in Auckland.

Bitch, that’s not even funny…!!

The unfortunate thing was that Hulk and I weren’t able to sit together. Because our tickets were bought separately, our seats were allocated separately, but the lady did everything she could to at least get us into the same row, which meant a seat change to an exit row… AWESOME.

…until I got seated in the exit row.

Whilst I’m absolutely LOVING all this amazing leg room for my long giraffe-like pins, (there’s no seat in front of me), I end up without a proper seat pocket in front of me, and some sad little foldaway tray table that lives in my arm rest. It’s not really practical if I want to do some blogging, and the weird part is, the indent that is usually for the cup, is on the underside of the table. I asked one of the cabin crew, and she said she didn’t understand it either, and apologised.

HOWEVER… what truly alarmed me the most, is that there was no specific safety briefing for ANY of us in the exit row. Now, those of you who have flown any other airline in Australia will know that if you sit on an exit row, then the staff will come and speak to you personally, to explain the safety procedures and the responsibilities / expectations of you to assist other passengers in the case of an emergency. I had always assumed that this was a standard aviation requirement… but no. Apparently not. Or perhaps it doesn’t apply to Emirates? Or maybe it’s something that is only done in Australia? Or maybe Emirates don’t have airline emergencies and don’t think it’s necessary to explain? Regardless, it’s rather concerning.

What REALLY annoyed me the most though, is that it took OVER AN HOUR to try and get my bluetooth keyboard to connect to my iPad. Yes, I really should have checked this last night, but the thought didn’t even cross my mind – I just assumed that it would be fine. I, however, completely forgot that I had recently updated to iOS 8, and didn’t realise that iOS 8 brought with it a string of problems, one of them being with bluetooth.

I tried restarting my iPad, I tried re-pairing it, I tried looking up solutions online, but that required having to log-in and then re-log-in over ten times (i stopped counting at ten, but I think it ended up being about thirteen or so), just so I could FINALLY get onto their snail-paced wifi, and do some research on the Apple / Logitech forums for a solution. Finally, I got my shiz connected and it was time to start attacking my blog back-log.

We’re supposedly 45mins from our destination, and up here above the clouds, it’s simply picturesque. This kind of view of nothing but clear blue sky for as far as the eye can see, and a bed of marshmallow-like clouds below is one of my favourite views when flying.

So, I guess all I can do now is sit back and just hope to god that my bags are on this plane…!!

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