24 Oct – Autumn Of Life

If babyhood is spring and young adulthood is summer, which age do you consider to be the start to the “autumn” of life?

If that’s the case, then it would naturally follow that your mid twenties would be the ‘autumn’ of life… but then would that also mean that your late twenties and beyond is the ‘winter’ of life? Because that’s kind of a depressing way of explaining adulthood.

If that’s the case, then the saying ‘the winter of my discontent’ certainly rings true now that I’m in my thirties.

1 thought on “24 Oct – Autumn Of Life

  1. Omigosh…..I’m seeing so many blogs by young 30-yr-olds who think they’re old. I’m 66 and having the time of my life! Still learning daily, still growing up, still hopeful for the future. You’ve barely started, so please take heart. The best is yet to come – I can promise you that.

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