27 Oct – Scary Media

Do you enjoy being scared such as watching horror movies or reading scary books?

This truly only applies to me in terms of watching horror movies, because I can’t even remember the last time I read a scary book. I think it might have been primary school, or early high school, and even then, I can’t recall what the book was about.

There’s something about horror movies that I can really connect with – I think because they’re predominantly based on feeling rather than simply relying on the gory visuals. I like the concept of being scared by things that you can’t really see, but moreso those that you can only hear or feel. I love the art of suspense in horror films. I love that anticipation that it builds and that ‘edge-of-your-seat’ experience that makes the heart beat race and your breath get faster, quieter and shallower.

It’s truly an interesting experience to watch a horror movie, whether it’s in a cinema or in the comfort of your own home, because they still create the same sensation, and I find myself getting so completely absorbed into a movie, that I will almost forget my surroundings and feel as though it’s happening to me; as though it’s real.

Friends of mine, however, absolutely HATE horror movies. To the point where they will hide behind their jackets, or even completely cover themselves with their jumper and play on their phone the whole time, rather than actually watch the movie.

With my mind being the way it is, I sometimes can’t help but then have dreams related to the movie that I’ve just watched. Sometimes I’ll have dreams that recreate entire scenes from the horror movie, or I’ll have nightmares that are heavily influenced by the movie, or contain aspects from several different movies.

It’s a great adrenalin rush, and I love that moment at the end of a scary movie, just at the end of the very last scene, and the credits begin, and there’s a big exhalation because you finally can breathe normally again, and you’re promptly reminded that it was just a movie, and life as you know it has just gone back to the way it was.

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