3 Nov – Fantasy Job

Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you’d love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?

I’d love to work for myself. I’d live to be a freelance Dance technician.
so what would happen is, people who run Dance schools or are involved in Dance performances would contact me during their final rehearsals to make sure that their performers are all in sync and moving the same way.

I’ve often found that watching various showcases and concerts etc that their dancers either don’t know their routines 100% or they’re out of time or not hitting the correct beat.

This is where I would come in and assist. The people in charge look at something like a performance in a big picture perspective, but usually miss the small detail, and that is what I pay particular attention to. And it’s often those small details that people ignore that can make such an impact and such a difference if they’re done properly.

I’d love to do a few of these jobs and start to get a bit of a reputation for it, then have people calling and emailing me to book me for a few hours at a time. The end of year season would be my busiest time because it’s all about Xmas concerts and showcases, and if I got involved with competitive schools then I could potentially quite busy as there are competitions all the time, and various Eisteddfod’s.

However, it’s all a pipe dream. But still, wouldn’t it beer nice.

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