4 Nov – Holiday Memory

What is your favorite holiday memory? (And yes, you can pick any holiday, including your birthday.)


I don’t really have a favorite memory, probably because we never went on holidays.

I do however remember feeling certain ways during certain events.

I remember the feeling of excitement I got on Christmas eve when I was a kid, and our parents letting us open one present, and then the rest on Xmas morning.

I remember how much I used to love going swimming in the ocean in the middle of summer, and then because our was so freezing in the water, I’d come back and have a hot shower and put on track pants, which drove my father completely mental and made him so angry because it would be 40 degrees (Celsius) and I’m in track pants. Hehehe.

I remember the first time I flew to Sydney by myself when I was 7, and how it really cemented by independence and sense of adventure.

Or the time my mum and I went down to visit family in Gippsland, and we caught the bus and it was such as long trip. It was my first time I’d been to Melbourne- granted it was only a stopover, but it was exciting.

I remember my first trip to Brisbane and first trip to Movie World with a group of friends. I was staying with my cousin just outside Brisbane and I caught the train to M.W. and back. It was such a fun and exhausting day.

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