Daily Prompt – Ready, Set, Done #6

Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. (Feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

Sarah woke to the sound of the rain outside her window. She rolled over to her side to look through the droplet-covered pane of glass, staring at the gloomy grey morning outside. ‘great’, she thought to herself, ‘i really don’t want to have to go out into that’.

Sarah reached over to her bedside table to check her phone, 5:47am. She let out a small groan, feeling annoyed that it was well before her 7am alarm, and she was wide awake.

She closed her eyes and listened to the rain falling through the trees, and soon enough, began to hear an increase of traffic on the road outside her building. Eventually she began to doze off, but awoke again with a jolt, thinking that she had missed her alarm and was suddenly late.

Anxiously grabbing her phone, Sarah checked the time, 6:03am. ‘ Are you fucking kidding me? Ugh!’ Sarah feel backwards onto her doona, and decided to just get up and make some breakfast.

Standing there in front of her wardrobe in just her robe, Sarah struggled to be inspired on what to wear to work. Nothing was jumping out at her, and her usual flair for creating an ensemble didn’t seem to be working. ‘ugh, I’ll do this later’, and stormed off to the bathroom. Sarah turned on the light in the bathroom and began to hear the gentle whirr of the ceiling fan. She reached into the shower turning on the hot water tap, and turned back to the mirror to give the water time to come through the pipes. She put her hair up in a bun, but then let it down again, deciding that she would wash and blow-dry her hair. She took off her robe and opened the shower door, expecting a face full of steam, but there was none. She cautiously edged her fingers toward the streaming water coming from the shower head, and was bitterly disappointed, and infuriated to discover there was no hot water.

Sarah let out a groan, and put her robe on, storming off to the kitchen. She filled the kettle and turned it on, grabbed a mug out of the cupboard and grabbed a teaspoon off the sink. As she rinsed it under the water in the sink, she grabbed the jar of coffee. Placing the jar on the bench, Sarah pulled off the lid and as she looked inside the empty jar, she let out a small scream of anger, picking up the jar and throwing it in the bin.

It was bad enough being awake early, but not having a shower nor a morning coffee was helping with her mood. She stomped down the hallway back to her bedroom, flinging open the doors of her wardrobe and staring blankly at her collection of summer dresses. She picked one dress, laying it out on the messy bed, then looked opened her shoe closer to try and find a pair of heels to match the colours of her dress. However, despite having plenty of options, she wasn’t liking anything.
She had a second scan of her dresses, and whilst nothing else appealed to her, she decided on her initial choice and haphazardly climbed into the dress. Unfortunately, her toe got caught in a stray thread, and ripped a considerable hole in the hem.

Standing there in silence, Sarah didn’t know whether to laugh or cry anymore. She accepted the fact that she had to pick a new dress, but didn’t like anything, instead, deciding on putting in some more effort. She wasn’t going to let the morning’s events set the tone for the rest of the day; she was determined to turn it around.

Standing in front of the wardrobe again, Sarah pulled out a pearl-coloured romper, added a turquoise belt and earrings, scrunched up Jey hair and brushed it all to one side. She applied some nude lip gloss, and stepped back to look at herself in the mirror. A big smile washed over her face, and she knew that today was going to get better.

She grabbed her handbag and decided to grab a banana just before walking out the door. Standing on the porch, she noticed that the rain had finally stopped, and she walked through the gate down and towards the bus stop.

Sarah hadn’t even passed two houses when a small truck flew down the street, hitting a giant puddle of water just by the gutter. The dirty, muddy water flying up in the air and completely showering Sarah from head to toe. Frozen by the shock of what just happened, Sarah let out an almighty scream and stand her stilettos. ‘FUUUUCCCCK MEEEEEE!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!! FUUUUUUCCCK!’

As she bent down to pick up her handbag, the clasp opened, and the contents spilled out across the wet, muddy water covered footpath, ‘OH COME ON!’

Sarah stayed there momentarily, crouched by the ground, staring at her belongings, unsure whether to laugh or cry. Trying hard to fight back her tears, she gathered up all her water-logged belongings, shoving them into her handbag, stood up and matched herself home.’Fuck this! Not today. I should have just stayed in bed, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do!’

Sarah flung the front door open, throwing her stilettos down the corridor in anger. She closed the door and stomped down to the bathroom, knowing she would have to have a cold shower. Just the thought of this gave her even more rage, and she turned on the taps in the shower, as she undressed, leaving her muddy wet clothes in a pile in the corner on the floor.

As she opened the shower door, the steam billowed into three bathroom, and Sarah let out a sigh of relief. She slowly stepped into the steam of hot water, savoring every moment, and allowed the water to slowly re-heat her cold, wet, muddy body. Sarah scrubbed off her makeup and washed and conditioned her hair. She suddenly felt clean, washing off the frustrations and anger from the morning.

She wrapped herself in her robe, wrapped her hair in a towel, and feeling clean and happy again, sashayed down the hallway to the kitchen to boil the kettle. She opened the balcony door, and realised that it had begun raining again, but significantly heavier than when she awoke, and instantly felt relieved that she wasn’t still it in that rain. She grabbed a pair of knickers and trackpants off the clothes horse and an old t-shirt, and hung up her towel and robe to dry. She went into the kitchen, and knowing there was no coffee, she decided to have something quite different. She reached into the bank of the pantry cupboard and pulled out a tin of Milo.

Scooping five spoonfuls of Milo into her giant mug, she poured in the boiling water and typed it up with milk and made her way back to the couch. She sat there momentarily, wondering what to do with herself, and instead, decided not to do any of it, instead opting for her PlayStation controller instead. She pulled the throw rug over her legs and settled in for several hours of long-overdue gaming.

Suddenly, the worst start to the day, turned out to be the best day ever.


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