28 Nov – TV Character

If you could be a cast member on any television show, which one would it be? Tell us about your character.

Hands down, I’d be Olivia Pope, from the tv drama, Scandal.

She is an incredibly intelligent, cunning, powerful woman, who’s also the mistress of ┬áthe President of the USA (who also happens to be a total fox, by the way).

Olivia used to work in the White House, starting out on Fitz’s Presidential campaign, helping him getting elected into office (granted, it was by rigging the election), but it’s where their love affair started.

And really, how could you blame her… I mean just look at him.

Fitzgerald Grant. mmmm mmm mmmm

Olivia then left the White House to start her own company – and is known as a ‘fixer’. She takes on high-profile clients, usually political, and helps solve their problems – by any means necessary.

She is one fierce bitch, and her name strikes fear into those around her. She is amazing at what she does, although she’s a complete emotional wreck… #DaddyIssues.


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