2 Dec – A Pleasant Surprise

Talk about a surprise that made you happy.

Due to my self-reliant nature, and the fact that I’m constantly disappointed in people in general, I find that I get quite excited and find a lot of happiness in the smallest of surprises.

I remember one day, many years ago, my best friend at the time just turned up at my place one day, unannounced, waking me up to tell me that he and I were going for a drive down to the beach.

And when I say woke me up, it was already 11:30am or something, and I probably should have already been up already.

In my sleepy state, I got dressed, grabbed my towel and a bag of snacks and off we went. We drove and drove down to some beach – I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called, but it was past all the ‘touristy’ beaches along the bay, and it was great because it was quiet and secluded (but a bit of a bitch to get to!).

We spent most of the afternoon there – swimming and frolicking in the water, having little naps in the sun to dry off, eating all kinds of snacks, and repeating the process hour after hour.

We had such a great day, and because it was so completely unexpected, I loved it even more. I love the idea of being whisked away on a whim for a day of fun with great company. *HINT HINT!*

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