Daily Prompt – Feeling Fancy

You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

So… how am I meant to do all different things all over the world, when I’ve only got 24hrs in a day, and it can take 18-20hrs just to get from one country to the next?

SOLUTION: Assume that a modern version of time-travel has been invented, perfected and implemented across the globe – teleportation.

So, I’d love to wake up on some tropical island, one of those places where the sun is rising at around 5am… I’d be going for a swim in the crystal clear ocean water around 4:30ish, before gorging myself on fresh fruits and organic yoghurt for breakfast.

Back at the luxurious hotel, I’d then go and have a relaxing hot shower, with a facial, body scrub and foot massage, before getting dressed and setting off for my adventure.

I’d be doing a hot yoga class – I don’t actually do hot yoga, but I’d love to be a regular at doing it for the sake of writing my ideal day. Which would be followed by an invigorating and much-needed 2hr full body massage, leaving me feeling like a giant ball of warm, kneaded dough.

Then, it’d be into a teleportation station to head to either France or Italy for some brunch and shopping.

Another trip into a teleport station and I’ll be in NY attending a luncheon-slash-meet-and-greet with the who’s-who of American celebrities: musicians, actors, models, comedians etc. they would all be having lunch with me, and raising money for charity – which is pretty much how they roll. It’s all good PR dahhhling!

From there, I’d be whisked off to the rooftop for a helicopter flight over Central Park and NY City, before touching down for a meet and greet with Lady Gaga and a tour of the Haus and a personal tour of collections of iconic designers such as Mugler, McQueen, Gaultier etc.

Next stop, teleport station. This time it’s adventure time. Facing my fear of heights with a skydive. Maybe two or three times to really get the adrenalin pumping through my system, and really destroy all those fears.


Time for a massage. All that skydiving is quite taxing on the body, so time for a long hot shower and a massage to work out the aches and pains I may have from plummeting towards the ground at 140km/hr.

I think it would also be a good time for a nap.


Dinner. Now there are soooo many places that I would love to eat, but I think that Heston would have to open The Fat Duck for myself and a group of friends and family for just one meal, but it would be the most amazing meal any of us would ever have in our lives.


Back to my amazing island resort for one last swim in the ocean under the moonlight, before returning to my room for a spa and a massive sleep.


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