23 Dec – Most Wonderful Time of the Year

What season do YOU think is the most wonderful time of the year? Is it winter?

For me, it’s easily summer. EASILY!!

Summer in Australia is really something that needs to be experienced, well, only if you never have because you live overseas. There’s just something about summer that everybody looks forward to.

People start planning for summer when it’s still winter. People start working hard at the gym, because summer bodies are made in winter, and then the last month of spring when the warmer weather starts making an appearance, and the sun starts to hang around a little longer, people start looking forward to wearing less layers and feeling the sensation of sunshine on more of their body other than their face.

Sun’s out, guns out!

For me, summer is about Xmas holidays; late nights and sleep ins; barbecues and salads; watermelon slushies, Slurpee’s from 7/11 and frozen coke from McDonald’s; sunbaking and beaches; it’s also about having nothing to watch on TV except motor racing and cricket (groan!!).

So far this summer, for me, has been about enjoying a much needed break from work, a lot of extra sleep (naps are awesome!) and really getting stuck into some major game playing on my PS3. Of course, this is also coupled with constant nagging by my OCD husband who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of holidays and ‘doing nothing’. It does get quite annoying at times. I think it’s because he still has to go to work, and so if he has to go to work, then I have to be busy as well.

I’m looking forward to seeing my family for a few days later this week, interstate, although I’ve already checked the weather and it’s meant to rain the whole time I’m there.


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