Daily Prompt – Tight Corner

Have you ever managed to paint yourself into the proverbial corner because of your words? What did you do while waiting for them “to dry”?

I often have a problem of my mouth saying things that get me into trouble… especially when I overreact to certain things, and fly off the handle… on to then find out the real story, and I’m left with egg on my face, and then forced to apologise, which I usually find quite hard to do..

The other problem with this is that I’m incredibly stubborn, and sometimes I’ve found myself snapping at somebody for reasons that perhaps weren’t entirely justified, or if they were, I’ve gone way to far and completely torn them to shreds. I’ve even made a couple of people cry from it… but not until after the act will I then discover that I was wrong. Instead of being the mature, responsible adult I *try* to be, I’ve ended up just washing my hands of them; going out of my way to ensure that I avoid speaking to them at all costs, at the detriment of our friendship / relationship.

I don’t like being wrong, and if I flip out at you and it turns out I’m wrong, don’t be surprised if I never speak to you again – sometimes I just can’t bring myself to apologise because I’m so completely mortified by my behaviour, and that process of apologising and grovelling for forgiveness is just far too much for me; it shows quite a vulnerable side of me that I really don’t like showing to those who don’t truly know me.



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