30 Dec – A Joyful Year

What has brought you joy over the past year? Pick three things/people and tell us about them.

Joy? What’s that??

Just kidding… This is actually kind of difficult to answer, considering that 2014 turned out to be a real cunt of a year for me.

I think that one of the major highlights for me, was being part of the countries largest fitness expo. Granted, I’m involved every year as part of my job, but this year was a big deal. It was the first time it was held in Melbourne, and the first year with our massive new partner and sponsor, and it was such an incredibly massive event. It felt so great to be a part of such a huge, amazing event, and made me look forward to 2015 (which is now fast approaching!).

It was also the year of me winning things. From movie tickets, to shampoo, I cleaned up pretty well in terms of competitions. The best prize I won was, hands down, a years supply of Chocolate, which also came with a $1000 Red Balloon voucher (which reminds me, I really should get on top of that before it expires!!). Following that, I also won a Samsung Galaxy phone… but it’s still sitting in it’s box in my drawer at work. I really should do something about that – sell it online and donate the money to charity or something.

It was also the year I really put more effort into my writing. Over the year, writing was a constant in my life, generally because I was so overwhelmed by having copious amounts of catch-up posts to write, and found myself really struggling to actually write them all – but when I’d find myself some time to write, I’d really do my best to smash out a handful of them, just to at least make a start on them… but I can’t really talk, because it’s now 11 Feb and I’m still writing catch-up posts from December. It was also the same year I decided I would no longer pursue ‘daily prompts’ and instead bring my focus to creative writing, to truly unleash whatever creativity is being locked away in the dark corners of my subconscious.

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