Breaking up with Writer’s Block

Dear Writer’s Block, it’s not you it’s me…

Far too much time has passed and not a single word has passed rough my fingertips and frankly, it’s really bringing me down, and I don’t necessarily like this void in my life that you’ve created.

We started off quite well, and even I will admit, that I’ve done a pretty good job in terms of addressing my backlog of prompts, regardless of how late they may have been to end up getting posted – even if I found myself snowed under with twenty or thirty-plus prompts in my drafts folder, I always managed to get on top of them despite the fact that it may have taken me a couple of weeks to actually do so. However, there’s been a lot of avoidance between us; an awkward uncomfortable void that neither of us really want to acknowledge, let alone talk about, and unlike you, who might be just fine living in this state of denial, I simply cannot handle it.

I was in a great place up until the ends of last year in terms of my writing habits – I was writing regularly, and always had something to be working on, but then Christmas happened, and New year’s, and my social Calendar got a tad busy, and you somehow ended back on my life.  After months and months of talking about how I didn’t want to write daily prompts anymore, you came in knowing that all I wanted to do was quite creatively, and after not finding any good weekly prompts to work from, you took up residence and, frankly, got a bit too comfortable.

Now it’s time for you to go.

Please don’t think that I haven’t entirely enjoyed your company, having all this time on my hands should have been used productively, and it hasn’t, and it’s become time that I regret wasting, and time that I’ll never get back again – and it’s all your fault. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but I just can’t do this anymore; I can’t live like this anymore; I can’t live with you anymore.

I’ve no doubt that we’ll see each other again, but I’d personally prefer it if we didn’t have any contact for the next few months. You need to give me some time to develop a good wrIting habit again.

You know that I’ll always remain your friend, so of course, if you ever need to talk etc, you can always come to me, but other than that, it’s best we keep our distance.