Anonomouse (see what I did there??) is a 33yr old from Melbourne, Australia.

Just going through life on a day-by-day basis, he tries not to give in to his inner child too much… also the next Lego game IS coming out on PS3 next week, so that can’t be avoided.

Anonomouse certainly has quite a lot to say, but generally chooses not to say it… hence the need for a blog.

He enjoys nutella. And cat videos. And sleep. And music. And dancing. And sleep.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, saw on a forum post that you’ve been having WP-iPad editing glitches. So do I! Driving me potty, was wondering if you managed to find any solutions. There are problems I keep hitting all over the site. Do any seem to be theme-related? – I know that one of my followers uses Harmonic, and I have terrible trouble getting my comments to post on that particular theme, because it won’t scroll down to reveal the Send/Post Comment button. I have to add a ton of line spaces, close and reopen keypad, etc., etc., ad flipping nauseam. Puts me iff making comments because a quick message turns into a 30 minute fight. Help pages use words I’ve never even heard of, usually in relation to html code which goes way past my head, or reconfiguring DNS settings, or downloading and configuring plug-ins, embedding code, and other such (to me) nonsense.

    If I even try to use any of the toolbar commands in the Beep Beep Blooper Blooper editor, my cursor acts like an epileptic kangaroo and bounces all over the page. I can only use toolbar commands if I want that bit to be at the top of the page, and then it argues strenuously about being re-positioned back to where I wanted it to start with.

    Any tips?

    Disabled, so stuck in bed a lot, laptop (which might possibly be easier for WP) in different room, squashes me if I use it in bed, plus keeps partner awake during late-night-writes, so iPad way more useable from those points of view.

    Your input would be very welcomed!


    L. X

    • Hey L,
      To be honest, I haven’t blogged for a good 6 months, but I know there’s been a number of app updates – I just haven’t used the app on my iPad to see if the issues I’ve had are still there. I did contact support a number of times and sent over my life but they didn’t actually get back to me with either feedback of what the issue ways or wats to fix it. Generally I use a desktop for WP or I’ll use the app on my phone.
      Probably a good idea to try the iPad again and see if the issues are still there. But I would perhaps suggest maybe using your iPad, but target than use the app (if it’s still problematic), try using the website version but through either Safari or Chrome browsers. Might be a good alternative for you to try?!

      • Hiya, it seems WP’s standard response is to reinstall your browser….I have safari, and wouldn’t have the faintest as to changing it or using another one. I’m THAT un-teccie! Am using the web-based version anyway, I tried the app but it looked too different from the web-based one.
        Oh well. Maybe it really is time to dig out the laptop and mouse……..bloody WordPress! Didn’t see any such warnings in the blanket “WordPress is the best, the easiest to use…” reviews. Grrrrrrr!
        Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it 🙂

        L. X

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