Daily Prompt – Terminal Time

You’re at the airport, your flight is delayed for six more hours, and none of your electronic devices is working. How do you pass the time?

The first mission would be to haul ass to the local airline lounge, well, providing they have one, and then spend six hours filling myself up on buffet food until I need to roll myself onto the plane and sleep.

Failing that, I’d be finding a shop like a newsagent or something and buy myself a good novel to read in order to pass the time. But that in itself would be a struggle because when I get bored I get fidgety, so a book could end up being a bit of a challenge.

Worst case scenario – if there’s no lounge access and the newsagent is closed, I’d be in the corner sprawled out across a couple of seats having a sleep, because it’s the only other way I could spend that much time without being able to watch a couple of movies etc.


Apr 22 – Should I Get Involved?

When problems brew on the Internet, do you stay quiet or rush to defend the person at the center of the situation?

Ooh… this is a tough one, as I’m guilty of both.

Recently there was somebody on FB who made a comment which was quite disparaging and negative, and without a second thought, I was on that FB page stating the facts and pretty much putting this person back in their place, and advising them of the reality of the situation, as they probably didn’t necessarily understand the whole scenario.

I’m the sort of person that has a tendency to… um… educate people when they decide to post something stupid, untrue, or un-researched. It just shows their lack of intelligence, and it pisses me off when they take that stupidity and piss all over something that I believe in.

I’ve actually been told to reign it in a few times when it comes to voicing my opinions online, regardless of whether I specify that my opinions are simply my opinions and not necessarily the same opinions shared by my employers or my peers, I still tend to behave like a dog with a bone. Especially when it comes to dealing with ignorant or stupid people. Those people I tend to just go for the throat and completely humiliate as best as I can to get my point across, and show how stupid / ignorant they actually are.

Now I tend to just take a giant step back from all the bullshit online and let other people deal with it… although if far too many people are observing such improper behaviour online and simply don’t address the issue, THEN I’ll step in and call somebody out on what they’re doing or saying. Truth be told, I’m a little bit over FaceBook… it’s just proving to be the same shit on my newsfeed, and there’s nothing really interesting about it. I think that’s perhaps why I prefer to be writing my blog posts instead…

…no #100dayshappy here, or constant barrage of inspirational quotes and graphics.

Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.

Most of the time I live in my head. By saying that, I mean that I will always envisage something happening a certain way; a specific chain of events, but the reality is never anything like the way I see it or anticipate it actually happening.

Time after time after time I’d plan for something to go one way, and then when it would not turn out at all how I had anticipated, I would find myself feeling so upset. The more it happened, the more I stopped trying to make plans and predictions.

On the flip side, there are those rare occasions where I can plan for something to happen, and it actually ends up turning out even better than I had planned which is awesome.

…note, emphasis on the rare part. :-/

Given previous experience, it’s actually hard for me to write about a situation that actually went to plan… experiencing so much disappointment during my life, I can’t recall many moments where things actually went my way for a change.

Perhaps this is part of the reason why I’ve become so jaded?

I think that one of the key moments in my life where, for once, things actually went my way was when I decided to move to Melbourne.

I had a waste year after finishing year 12. I was enrolled in an I.T. course, which I just couldn’t really be bothered with. It was nothing like what I had been told it would be, and it was more like Computers 101 for Monkeys… and even then, I think the monkeys would have made better progress compared to the other people in the course. I completed about 3 months worth of work in the first week, but I couldn’t advance myself like that because it was ‘unfair’ to the rest of the class.

So I spent that year bored out of my mind, and in the end, it just fell by the wayside because I decided to spend more of my time focusing on my dancing.

Towards the end of the that year, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t stay in this hick town any longer. There was nothing here for me. I couldn’t see myself achieving anything if I stayed. I just couldn’t do it. I decided that if I wanted to do anything with my life, I needed to leave. I needed to move to a capital city and do something.

All I wanted to do was dance, and the only way I’d be able to pursue that sort of career was to move interstate and attend a full-time dance school… the only way you can attend a school like that is to audition, so I bit the bullet and forced myself to travel interstate to audition for a few different schools. This is something that I’ve already blogged about…

I ended up auditioning for 4 different dance schools and looked at 3 different universities, and one by one I kept getting rejected, and in true fashion, every rejection just cut away another small piece of my soul and it just made me feel more and more useless.

One day I got a letter from a school in Melbourne offering me a spot, and I actually thought it was a joke… I even called the school to double check with them if they were serious or not.

I was so shocked, I didn’t really know how to react. I was excited and terrified all at once. I broke the news to my mum and she was so happy for me. She knew how I’d been feeling and had always supported my dancing pursuits.

The last couple of months went by in a bit of a blur. I remember the day I left, I caught the train to Melbourne, and I’d spent the morning with my best friend. Actually, I’d pretty much spent every day with my best friend. We were inseparable. She was the one person (apart from mum) that I was going to miss the most.

The day I was leaving, she came over to my place for breakfast, then we went back to her place and she gave me a small present. I opened it and just cried. She just got me. She was my soul mate, and I was hers. We packed up my bags into her car and she drove me down to the train station… and then sure enough, some of my friends turned up at the station to say goodbye. They brought me a giant card and gift, and told me to open it on the train.

We said our good-byes and they were all crying.

…I cried all the way to Melbourne… which is a 6.5hr journey.

My cousin met me at the station and took me back to her place – I was going to be staying with them for a couple of months. It just didn’t seem real. It felt as though it was some kind of dream.

The very first day of school was so intimidating and terrifying and I quickly realised that I was so far down the ladder in terms of experience and technique, however, I quickly ascertained that I was able to hold my own amongst all these bitches.

I knew that this new venture was going to be tough. I knew it was going to be exhausting. I knew that at some point I was going to hate it… and I was right, but regardless of the fact, I still loved it. This was what I was meant to be doing the previous year, but I was simply too uncertain and shy. Within the first two months I was put into the more advanced course, and I was the one who was regularly becoming a class captain, or a rehearsal leader, or supervising the juniors… and I loved it!!