Daily Prompt – Kick The Bucket

What are the top items on your anti-bucket list — those things you never, ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read, etc.?

I had a fantastic list all written up as a draft, but I lost it all thanks to a glitch in the WP app on my iPad (ugh!)… so let’s see if I can recall what I wrote…

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Daily Prompt – Witness Protection

When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?

Well this is an easy prompt… I simply avoid doing anything scary or stressful.

I would LOVE to find enough courage to do something wild like Bungee jumping, or skydiving etc, but I actually think that it’s something that I would have to do all by myself… that way, if I end up making a mess in my pants out of sheer terror, then nobody else will know about it!!

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Daily Prompt – Dust in the Wind

Have you made your bucket list? Now’s the time — write about the things you want to do and see before you become dust in the wind.

Up until this point, I’ve never really thought about actually making a bucket list. I know there a lot of things that I would like to achieve, however, I don’t necessarily feel as though some of them will actually be achievable. Now, for those of you a heartbeat away from telling me to stop having such a negative outlook on like, a) shut up and b) I’m a realist. I don’t live in a fantasy world where everything is puppies and rainbows and life is just beautiful. I just can’t be one of those people.

In terms of my bucket list… let’s see what I come up with….

  1. Write a novel (or two)
  2. Write a script for a sitcom, and then have that concept and script pitched to a US network
  3. Go Skydiving
  4. …and maybe bungee jumping. But only maybe!!
  5. TRAVEL!!! – New York, L.A., London, Italy, Greece, Germany, Mexico, Bali, Thailand, France, Brazil, Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan, Broome (Western Australia), Cairns / Port Douglas (Queensland) – just a few to start with…
  6. Experience travelling First Class at least once in my lifetime
  7. Be able to take my mum on a couple of overseas trips
  8. Buy a house / apartment
  9. Learn to drive… not essential, but something I’ve thought about learning to do.
  10. Adopt a pet
  11. Spend more time in the country / by the sea – perhaps I could do this when I want to get away to write my novels?! Hehehe
  12. Learn some more advanced baking skills – in particular skills of a patissier (pastry chef)
  13. Swim with dolphins
  14. Previously I would have said that I wanted to experience riding an elephant, but after learning about how barbaric and inhumane it all is, I’d probably prefer to put my time into rescuing elephants instead. Or volunteering at one of the Thai elephant ‘centres’ (or whatever they are) where you can go and stay and work, and help to wash and feed them etc.
  15. Travel to Broadway (NY) and spend two weeks (or longer) seeing every single show that’s currently playing.
  16. Travel to London’s West End and do the exact same thing.
  17. I want to go to Lego Land
  18. Travel across America visiting all the Six Flags theme parks.
  19. OOH… how could I forget… DISNEYLAND!!
  20. Go on a cruise.
  21. Read all the books that I’ve bought that are just sitting on my shelves (and on my iPad)
  22. Finish ALL the video games that I’ve bought
  23. Pay off all my debts
  24. Visit the Great Barrier Reef before it’s completely destroyed
  25. Develop my skills as a photographer.


Daily Prompt: Fright Night

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

There’s a number of things that I’m absolutely terrified of doing… and yet, ironically, I really want to do them.

One of them is skydiving.

The other, bungy-jumping.

Clearly, both of them involve heights… major heights, so it’ll come as no surprise to learn that I am terrified of heights. Yet, at the same time, I love being high.

Hang on a sec… that didn’t come out right.

I love being up high – ESPECIALLY on things like rides and rollercoasters, Ferris wheels etc. I love being up above it all and being able to look out over the land because it suddenly looks so tiny.  I especially love flying for that exact reason. Something about being up above the clouds I find quite calming and peaceful.

However… ask me to then jump. out. of. a. plane?!? Not on your dear little life. I wish I could be one of those people that just says ,’you know what, fuck this. I’m going SKYDIVING!!!’ and they just do it. No fear. No regret at the last minute. Not me. I love that moment on a certain ride at a theme park where for a split second you experience weightlessness, or it simulates free-falling… and I love that bit, but then the ride suddenly darts off and goes up and down and around and makes you feel like you’re in a giant washing machine and you leave feeling nauseous.

If you go skydiving… you get none of that. You get a fantastic view, and then you just see the ground hurtling towards you at great speeds and you think, ‘oh my fucking god, I’m going to die. I’M GOING TO FUCKING DIE!!!’. Maybe I need some kind of medication to make me forget all my fears; strap a Go-Pro cam to myself and just do it. I’ll be too drugged up to remember it, but at least I’ll have the video…?!?!

Then on the flip side, there’s bungy-jumping.

Fuuuuuuuuuck no.

Although, on the positive side, it might actually straighten up my spine a tad, or at least put everything back into place, but then again, it’s bungy-jumping. I wish I could be one of those people too. Fearless. Some people have told me that it’s one of the most exhilarating things they’ve ever experienced… but I’ve also seen far too many video’s where bungy ropes break and people fall… or they ricochet right back up and smack into the base of the bridge they’ve just jumped off.

No thanks.

Perhaps I should stick to keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground… well, unless somebody develops a magical potion that will take away all my inhibitions, but still allow me to comprehend my surroundings… even at 15,000 feet in the air!!