18 June – It Grew From A Comment

If a comment is getting too long, do you turn it into a post on your own blog? Point us towards a post that grew out of leaving a comment.

I haven’t as such created a post that grew from a comment.

I have, however had a couple of posts that grew from a simple idea and that really snowballed out of control.
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13 June – Friday The 13th

For Friday the 13th: have you ever received a comment that scared you?


Nope. If anything, it’s more likely that I would be the one making a comment that would scare people. And you know what, even if I did get a scary comment, I’d probably just laugh it off, because, well, it’s the internet, and you can’t really take anything seriously, because most people are full of shit. They’re all bark and no bite.

Apr 23 – Comment: DELETED

Have you ever deleted a comment?  Tell us about it.

I’m regularly finding myself deleting comments online.

The most common reason for me doing this is because I forget to apply my filter whenever I write a comment, and instead just write whatever I’m thinking, completely disregarding how offensive or scathing it might be. Then once I’ve actually written it, I’ll stop and re-read it a few times, and realise that it could probably be worded in a much nicer way, and then I’ll go back and generally edit the comment.

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