29 Oct – Dressups

Tell us about your favourite costume from childhood.

Growing up, I didn’t really have ‘costumes’.  We didn’t do halloween, and even when we did, we didn’t really get into costumes. For us, Halloween was done at night, but it was always so incredibly hot, so costumes had to involve a singlet, shorts and thongs. Maybe some face paint.

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23 Oct – Crunchy & Crafty

Craft bloggers: come up with a project that uses crunchy autumnal leaves.

I’m not a crafty person, but I’ll give it a try…

So, a project that uses crunchy leaves… Hmm, well, perhaps in the spirit of all things Autumn, you could get the kids to create a picture, get them to draw / paint something about autumn, whether it’s a streetscape or the backyard, or just some trees losing their leaves, but instead of painting leaves, use some glue and stick some of the leaves onto the painting. Gives it a real element, and some texture.

Or you could get the kids to think about things that are brown, and draw a picture of that object ie. a bear, or a cow, or a horse etc. But instead of colouring in their fur, crumble up handfuls of brown leaves, and glue them on to represent the fur / hair.

You could even make something with papier mache, and then glue the leaves to that, covering them with PVA glue or shellac in order to stick them down and give them a shiny coating.