Daily Prompt – Back To Life

After an especially long and exhausting drive or flight, a grueling week at work, or a mind-numbing exam period — what’s the one thing you do to feel human again?

There are small things that I love doing like having a cup of tea and putting on my pj’s but the ultimate is having a nice hot shower! Continue reading

Daily Prompt – Writing Space

Where do you produce your best writing — at your desk, on your phone, at a noisy café? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity.

Well, the bulk of my writing is all done on my phone. On the bus, waiting for a train… It’s always with me and although it’s frustrating because my thumbs constantly hit the wrong keys, it allows me to smash out some posts whilst in transit to and from work which is great – especially when I have soooo many catch up posts to write.
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Daily Prompt – Just Another Day

Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?

One of my weird daily rituals is when I get home from my second job, and it’s late at night and after dinner I finally get to have a shower. It’s the one point in the day when I (usually) get to be alone, which means that I get to sit down and just be alone with my thoughts. I do a lot of my thinking, sitting on the floor of the shower.

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Daily Prompt – Saturday Night

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! What’s your favorite way to spend Saturday night?

Given that Hulk and I both work two jobs, Friday night is the only night that we don’t work, so that’s usually either our night at home so we can veg-out, or we’ll have a low-key date night and head off to the movies.

Seeing as how Hulk works on Sunday morning, it makes it a bit harder for us to do anything on a Saturday night, however in saying that, the last couple of weeks have seen us going out with a couple of friends to a certain nightclub on a Saturday night to see some international performers… that then turns into our friends coming back to our place for ice-cream and / or nacho’s and a very, very late night. Then on Sunday morning, we have a big breakfast for the four of us, and Sunday becomes a bit of a write-off.

Sometimes we’ll have a proper date night, where we’ll get a little bit dressed up, and head to our favourite sushi place in the city, and then go and see a show somewhere in the city, and that’s always something nice for us to do, but because we’re a couple of nanna’s, all we really want to do is just get home, put on our PJ’s and have a cuppa.

Sometimes all I want to do on saturday night is just curl up on the couch in my pyjamas and play video games. I think if I was to find myself being single, then that’s probably what I would be spending my time doing… isolated and completely engrossed in one of my PS3 games like Tomb Raider or The Last Of Us.


Feb 12: Minute Detail

Pick up an object and describe it in such minute detail that your readers can draw it without ever having seen it.

As I sit here at my desk, I see it sitting there in my peripheral vision. The lights above me reflect off the stainless steel, but are multiplied on the concaved end. The streaky surface diffuses the reflection and creates a ‘flare’ effect. The edges of the oval-shaped head, meet at a narrow point before slightly widening for the rest of the now finger-print embossed handle. For hours it sits there, taunting me, a constant reminder of something that previously was, and something that will soon be. I sometimes find myself stopping mid-sent…

…ence just to look at it and think about it. It makes me want more. Another one. What’s the harm? It’s so easy to give in to the temptation when you’re unable to put up much resistance. Already I know that the next time, just like every other time, I’ll end up letting it get too hot and it will burn my fingers.

I can’t take it any more. As much as I’m enjoying sitting here post-lunch with a piece of chewy (gum), chomping away like a cow in a field, I just want to spit it out. There’s an overwhelming urge to pick it up again… and I’m struggling to resist temptation… but I can’t.

I need another cup of tea…

…and a handful of biscuits.