In Too Deep

What the hell has happened??

I’ve been a bit busy these last couple of weeks, and suddenly my whole original plan of writing two posts per day has spiralled completely out of control, and now my backlog has reached 28 (soon to be 29) posts I need to write in order to catch up.


I was having a discussion with a couple of girls over the weekend, and one of them suggested that I take an easy way out, and instead just impose a word limit on all my outstanding posts – something like 50 – 100 words per post. That would allow me to still manage to write; I still get all my posts done; and then I can go back and expand on them later.

Yes, in theory it sounds viable, however, I feel as though I’m cheating myself because I’m not allowing myself to fully explore each prompt the way I should be.


…what do you think I should do? Leave a comment below…


Dec 2 – December NaBloPoMo

Do you think you’re more or less likely to complete December’s NaBloPoMo?  Why?

Having only completed last month’s NaBlahBlahBlah (this is what I now call it) challenge, I must say I actually learnt a lot. I’ve learnt that I’m very time-poor. I’ve learnt that I need to really work on my writing. I’ve learnt that although I’m not actually writing for mass exposure of my blog, or my writing, I get excited when I see somebody has commented, or liked a post, or even better, followed my blog. I’ve also learnt that some people who want to follow my blog aren’t necessarily the people who I would think would even be remotely interested in what I have to say.

December is going to really challenge me. It’s the last month of the year, and already life is getting busier and busier. I’ve already got less time as it is, and I haven’t even started christmas shopping yet. That’s going to take out even more time from my day. :-S

If I manage to survive it through NaBlahBlahBlah this month, it’ll be quite a surprise, but I’m not going to claim defeat just yet. I really should have just stuck to only one writing challenge per month. Two seems to be a bit more challenging.

here goes!!

Daily Prompt: Simply Irresistible

Tell us about the favourite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.

I’m just gonna say it. I love food. I love eating. I love trying different cuisines, and I love cooking baking. In my relationship, Hulk does the savouries and I do the sweets.

So when asked a question like this, it’s quite difficult to answer. How do you pick just one food, above everything else that stands out. How can I compare my favourite sweet, to my favourite savoury. So many categories. So many choices.

But I think I’ve got a winner… well, it’s more like my favourite food of the moment (which changes all the time), but my winner for this present point in time is (**drumroll**):


Fried. Chicken.

Yep. That’s right. Predominantly, fried chicken wings that I pick up from the supermarket around the corner from work. Not that I have them all the time, maybe once or twice a month (because I’m eating tinned tuna every other day at work!), but sometimes I have a craving and just want to eat them by the box-full.

Fried foods, crispy fried foods are perhaps one of my biggest weaknesses. I have a pretty okay diet most of the time. Yes, there are certainly areas that could be fixed up, but generally, I do eat quite healthy. But sometimes, I just wanna eat fried stuff!!


Oh, and look at that, it’s almost lunch time!! However, as much as I would love nothing more than chowing down on half a dozen fried chicken wings, I’ve got soup instead. Well, it’s not even soup. It wonton noodle soup, so it’s more of a broth. Mmmm delicious MSG.

Get in mah belleh!!

Day 2 – Favourite Character

Who is your favourite character of all time?

This is actually quite difficult question for me to answer. How do you narrow 30years of characters from movies, television and books to pick just one??

What would your answer be??

I’ll have to get back to you on that….


after having a chance to really think about it! I realised just how difficult this is to answer… I have so many favourite characters from so many different areas. I. Old have picked somebody like Astro Boy, because when I was a kid, Astro really was the shit. Come on, he was a robot boy who always saved the day… And he had ROCKETS FOR LEGS!!! Then I was thinking maybe along the lines of movies and I thought perhaps my fav movie character would be James Bond… But then I thought, well, it would be much easier if I did like my top 5 of each and then selected characters from each of those… All the while in the back of my head there’s a tiny voice saying “diagram! Chart! Mind map!!”. Hmmmm. Or do I do a favourite genre, like fav reality show star, or fav talk show host, or fav comedy show star? That might be easier:

  • Favourite tv drama character: Emily Thorn – Revenge; almost everybody from Brothers and Sisters; almost everybody from Grey’s Anatomy;
  • favourite tv comedy character: Edina Monsoon from Ab-Fab; Jerri Blank from Strangers With Candy; Whitney Cummings from Whitney, Max from 2 Broke Girls; almost every single character from Big Girls Blouse;
  • favourite tv cartoon character: Jake & Finn from Adventure Time; Stewie Griffin from Family Guy; Roger from American Dad; Linda from Bobs Burgers
  • favourite character from Sex and the City: Samantha.
  • favourite ‘Friend’: Phoebe
  • Favourite Real Housewife: NeNe (Atlanta)
  • favourite Seinfeld character: Elaine
  • Favourite SNL sketch: Oreana and Craig the Cheerleaders (Cheri o’teri & will ferrel) “cha-cha-boochie, cha-cha-chaboochie, ROLL CALL”
  • favourite game character: Lara croft – Tomb Raider; Chase McCain – Lego City
  • favourite comedian: Kathy griffin;
  • favourite talkshow: Chelsea lately

Well, those last two don’t actually count because they’re real people, I guess. As you can see, it’s hard to define a favourite character, let alone a favourite genre – and these are the ones that I just listed off the top of my head. What other areas would you like to ask me??